News from WTM South Africa

August 2019

James was recently asked to write a review of FREEDOM for a local monthly newspaper, the Greyton Mail. The editor had approached James saying, ‘I read with great interest your posts about Jeremy Griffith and his human condition books. Please would you consider writing a review for the Greyton Mail August edition? I’m sure readers will be taken with your passion and insight as much as I was.’ This is the article as it appeared in the August 2019 edition.

Click here for the article in pdf format

June 2019

James and Vanessa Moffett from WTM South Africa recently went on a road trip through Namibia to the Etosha Game Park in the country’s north. They took the ‘roads less travelled’ in their vehicle, which was dressed with the FREEDOM banner and left WTM brochures and stickers with the local Damaras people and everyone they ran into along the way.

  • James with his copy of FREEDOM

  • Even the elephants got a taste!

Vanessa and the FREEDOM vehicle crossing the river into Namibia

January 2019

The South African FREEDOM vehicle hits the road!