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News from WTM South Africa

January 2020

John Mulder speaking at a WTM global online meeting, describing the excitement of finally being able to understand the human condition.

James and Vanessa Moffett caught up with Wendy Crawford to discuss FREEDOM’s insights. Wendy is an experienced teacher of organics, permaculture and agriculture, so our conversation involved a lovely mix of nutrition for our bodies and ‘manna’ for our minds! We also touched on how the human condition impacts upon sustainable agricultural practice.

  • TYL book by Jeremy Griffith in Waenhuiskrans Cave with the cave opening to the ocean in the background
  • James Moffett holding Transform Your Life book in Waenhuiskrans Cave South Africa

After seeing a special sight in his neighbourhood recently, WTM South Africa member John Mulder commented "Life is beautiful when observed through the eyes of a child — a time of innocence, a time of truth, no blemishes of lies and guilt and fear.” As Jeremy quotes Plato 360BC in para 180 of FREEDOM: ‘our state of innocence, before we had any experience of evils to come, when we were… simple and calm and happy… pure ourselves and not yet enshrined in that living tomb which we carry about, now that we are imprisoned’

Child leaning out window of a car kissing a horse

December 2019

The WTM South Africa Centre hosts regular and relaxed get-togethers to discuss biologist Jeremy Griffith’s reconciling understanding of the human condition. His transformative insights open up so many topics for discussion, from the meaning of our existence, the origin of our moral instincts, and the relationship between men and women, to the significance of our changing psychology as we progress through infancy, childhood, and adolescence to adulthood. It’s just so exciting to finally be able to understand all aspects of life, and to know that this project will bring about the rehabilitation of our species and our world, so we’d love for you to join us! Submit a message via our Contact page and we'll go from there!

Montage of bonobos, molecules developing order, human holding sphere of DNA and person with arms raised to the sun

November 2019

James and Ross Moffett motored to Hermanus (approximately 2 hour’s drive along the coast, east of Cape Town) from Wolvengat Village to meet Karen Riley, WTM Central Canada Centre founder, who was travelling through South Africa. They had a lively and lovely discussion about FREEDOM which covered many topics including the state of South Africa and the uptake of FREEDOM compared to Canada, their country’s economies and demographics, and how they and their families are dealing with all the FREEDOM information. After a way too short visit, James and Ross headed back home, after wishing Karen happy travelling to Cape Town on the final leg of her travels

World Transformation Movement Centre founders Karen and James in from of the FREEDOM sign-written car

James and Karen in front of the FREEDOM car

WTM South Africa Centre supporters John and Yvette Mulder were asked by a Stellenbosch University student group to participate in a discussion about “intentional community living”, which is defined as living in alignment with your values and beliefs. It was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition to students and within that compassionate framework discuss how this explanation presents the only means to truly ameliorate the egocentric, selfish and competitive behaviour that undermines our relationships and attempts at sustainability.

As John said, “This request was prompted by young post-apartheid academics in an attempt to get to grips with cultural and social differences that they still encounter in our South African society. While Yvette and I took a conscious decision a number of years ago to opt for an off-the-grid, simple, and (as far as possible) self-sustaining lifestyle in an attempt to avoid the onslaught of materialism on our lives and the resultant pressures it brought to bear, I have known for many years that the ism’s of the old world that we live in do not have the answers and are in fact failing all the time. Capitalism (trickle-down economics), socialism or whatever pseudo quick fix ism’s put forward just won’t do it—as new world WTM members we now understand the paramount reason for these failing ism’s is simply the human condition.”

“The silver bullet they [students] are looking for is simply the unconditionally selfless behaviour that results from the truths encapsulated in FREEDOM. So, needless to say, our contribution was to present FREEDOM and the solutions it offers to ‘own our shadow’ (Carl Jung)—that is the ONLY approach and undoubtedly the ‘missing link’ in addressing these challenges in human interaction and for that matter the problems of humanity as a whole.”

  • John Mulder holding the book FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith
  • Stellenbosch University campus with mountains in the background

September 2019

Jeremy Griffith's book Transform Your Life goes walkabout along the coast! Visiting the Waenhuiskrans cave in the seaside village of Arniston/Waenhuiskrans.

  • TYL book by Jeremy Griffith in Waenhuiskrans Cave with the cave opening to the ocean in the background
  • James Moffett holding Transform Your Life book in Waenhuiskrans Cave South Africa

WTM member John Mulder from the Hermitage Valley in Swellendam, Western Cape, with his wife Yvette and son Bryce (visiting from Johannesburg). The family had a wonderful catch-up, with beauty emanating both from their discussion of FREEDOM and the Langeberg Mountains in the background.

  • John Mulder and family with Langeberg Mountains in the background
  • Langeberg Mountains behind the Mulders property in the Hermitage Valley in Swellendam

August 2019

James was recently asked to write a review of FREEDOM for a local monthly newspaper, the Greyton Mail. The editor had approached James saying, ‘I read with great interest your posts about Jeremy Griffith and his human condition books. Please would you consider writing a review for the Greyton Mail August edition? I’m sure readers will be taken with your passion and insight as much as I was.’ This is the article as it appeared in the August 2019 edition.

Greyton Mail Review article titled Understanding Our Selves and Agriculture by James Moffett

Click here for the article in pdf format

June 2019

James and Vanessa Moffett from WTM South Africa recently went on a road trip through Namibia to the Etosha Game Park in the country’s north. They took the ‘roads less travelled’ in their vehicle, which was dressed with the FREEDOM banner and left WTM brochures and stickers with the local Damaras people and everyone they ran into along the way.

  • James Moffett holding the book FREEDOM with an elephant in the background

    James with his copy of FREEDOM

  • Transform Your Life book in front of an elephant

    Even the elephants got a taste!

Vanessa Moffett standing next to FREEDOM sign-written vehicle travelling on a barge across the river into Namibia

Vanessa and the FREEDOM vehicle crossing the river into Namibia

January 2019

The South African FREEDOM vehicle hits the road!

Instagram post of FREEDOM sign-written vehicle in front of sign warning that the area has wildlife